Spousal Support (Alimony)

Spousal support, traditionally known as alimony, is applicable in some divorce cases. Support can be temporary (ordered for a specified period of time) or, less commonly, permanent. Numerous factors must be considered in determining alimony.

If you are experiencing or anticipating a divorce, you may have serious concerns about receiving or paying spousal support. The lawyers of Presley & Goodrow can help you address those concerns with practical advice and strong legal representation, backed by decades of experience with California family law cases.

Establishing Support Arrangements That Are Fair And Sustainable

In some cases, our firm helps divorcing clients establish spousal support arrangements; in other cases, we demonstrate that support is not appropriate. In every case, board-certified family law attorneys Wilma Presley and Catherine Goodrow build relationships, examine the facts and find solutions. Our firm can help you explore issues like:

  • The effect the length of your marriage will have on spousal support
  • The relationship between your income and your spouse's income — and the impact it may have on spousal support
  • The reality of lifestyle changes following a divorce
  • Infidelity as a factor in a divorce case
  • Discovery of complex business assets and investments
  • The problem of hidden assets and unclear cash flow
  • The separation of spousal support and child support

We Can Answer Your Questions About Alimony

Presley & Goodrow is based in Orange County. We are well-acquainted with all aspects of California law that relates to alimony. Contact us for help with your case.