Property Division

Many divorcing people worry about the division of their assets in the marriage dissolution process. Some of our clients express concerns about being treated fairly regarding their finances and property. Others want to know what will happen to their business assets or real estate holdings — especially their primary residence.

If you are anticipating a divorce, our firm can advise you regarding your legal rights. Equipped with decades of experience in the area of California family law, the lawyers of Presley & Goodrow can represent you in protecting you financially as marital assets are divided.

Legal Knowledge, Big-Picture Awareness And Attention To Every Detail

At Presley & Goodrow, our attorneys advise clients in Orange County and elsewhere in California. We possess excellent legal knowledge and decades of experience dealing with complex property division in divorce cases. We are excellent relationship builders and thorough case managers, paying extraordinary attention to detail while maintaining awareness of the big picture.

We are here to help you answer critical questions like:

  • How do you characterize assets as either marital or nonmarital?
  • What do you do to ensure fair valuation, division and proper tracing of property?
  • What if there are problems understanding cash flow if my spouse's income seems unclear?
  • What will happen to our house?
  • How do you divide retirement assets? What is a QDRO?
  • How do I figure out how much my spouse's business assets are worth?
  • Will I receive or pay spousal support (alimony)?
  • Will I get to keep property I owned before the marriage?

Navigating The Complexities Of Asset Division In Divorce

Every property division case is different. Our attorneys can help you navigate even the most complicated divorce. Contact us to learn more.