Premarital And Postmarital Agreements

A premarital agreement (sometimes called a prenuptial agreement) is a contract that a couple signs before marriage. Some people use premarital agreements to protect their assets in the event of a future divorce.

A postmarital agreement (or postnuptial agreement) is a legal document that can delineate what will happen to your property following a divorce. A postmarital agreements can be used to protect your interests.

If you have questions about premarital or postmarital agreements, get them answered by a knowledgeable lawyer. There may be a lot at stake.

Helping You Protect Your Interests — Before Or After

At Presley & Goodrow in Orange, California, we help our clients protect their interests, both before and after divorce. Attorneys Wilma Presley and Catherine Goodrow are not just well intentioned — they are responsive, compassionate and highly experienced, tapping into more than 50 years of combined family law practice experience. They can answer your questions about:

  • The need for a "prenup" or "postnup"
  • The details of asset division with regard to your home and other real estate, business assets and retirement assets
  • Alternatives to litigated divorce — how you can reduce your stress and expense by keeping your dissolution out of court
  • Custody, visitation and other matters that affect your children
  • Important child support and spousal support issues

Talk To A Pre-Eminent Orange County Divorce Attorney

Premarital and postmarital agreements are legal contracts. You should discuss any such contract with your attorney before signing it. Contact Presley & Goodrow to schedule a detailed assessment of your case.