Enforcing the Support Order

The following are the most frequently asked questions:

  1. When is the other parent Delinquent in child support payments?
  2. When are earnings assignments for child support mandatory?
  3. How do you get an earning assignment?
  4. The other parent doesn't live in California. Can I get an earning assignment?
  5. The other parent is in the military. Can child support payments be deducted from his/her paycheck?
  6. The other parent retired from the military. Can his/her military retirement check be garnished for back child support?
  7. The other parent works for the Federal Government, was recently transferred and stopped making payments. What can be done?
  8. How does the other parent find out that his/her state and/or federal tax refund will be taken?
  9. The other parent is collecting unemployment compensation or disability insurance benefits. Can child support payments be taken out and sent to me?
  10. Can the other parent's credit rating be affected if they owe back child support?
  11. The other patent does not work on a regularly and repeatedly falls behind in his/her child support payments. Is there anything way the court can establish payments?
  12. The other parent owes unpaid child support. Can the court do anything to make him/her pay?