Practical Help With Divorce, Custody And Support Matters

Divorce and family law issues can be painful and stressful. These problems can sap your energy and leave you feeling angry and depressed.

Our firm understands the difficulties you may be experiencing if you are going through a divorce or you need help with a legal matter related to child custody, child support, property division or spousal support. We are qualified to help you get through your legal challenge with as little damage as possible.

Family Law Specialists With Decades Of Experience

At Presley & Goodrow in Orange, California, family law is all we do. Both of our attorneys, Wilma E. Presley and Catherine M. Goodrow, are family law specialists certified by the state of California Board of Legal Specialization. If we represent you, your case will be handled by a highly focused practitioner with decades of relevant experience.

Finding Creative Solutions To Complex Problems

We don't need to tell you that divorces and family law cases are complicated. We do need to tell you that any divorce case can be handled in more than one way. The law allows space for creativity in settling divorces; it does not require you to fight your spouse in court or live in acrimony with your ex.

At Presley & Goodrow, we are known for finding solutions that save our clients unnecessary stress and expense and, when feasible, keep them out of court. We are seasoned trial lawyers who can litigate if necessary, and we approach each case in a manner that prepares us to go to trial. Most of the time, though, we can find a better way.

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